+ What if I already own a domain name?

+ Can I leave my emails at my current service provider?

+ Can I register a .com domain?

+ How many emails addresses can I have?

+ How much storage space and traffic do I get?

+ When does my website "go live"?

+ When will Google put me on their first page?

+ What if I want to make changes to the website at a later stage?

+ Can I upload videos onto the website?

+ Can I sell on the website and does it cost extra?

+ What payment methods can I accept on my website (for ecommerce)?

+ How do I setup my email account?

+ What is the cost of a domain registration?

+ Can I add a Facebook Pixel Code to my website?

+ How to I add Whatsapp to my Website?

+ How to I get my Business onto Google Maps?

+ Can I view my email on the internet?

+ What is a domain renewal?

+ How do I change my email password?

+ How do I load images onto my website?

+ What modules or functionality does the websites have

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